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Change of plan fo Sunday July 9th.

Posted on: Sat 8th July 9:37pm
Sorry about this old chaps, But the forecast for tomorrow is not changing, which is rain, rain and then some more. Even tho today is so brill. So I am afraid N Mayo will have to wait, as its too far to travel for shite weather.

We will have a walk though. Nearer to home. L. Meelagh. And the good news is.......An extra hour in bed. Meet 11:00 at Crescent Boyle. Or alternatively 11:20 at the car park L. Meelagh, where Naomi will be waiting for you all. So, as they say at Wimbledon, rain stopped play, but don't let that stop you from coming out on a ramble around L. Meelagh where I am sure the sun will shine intermittently. Please pass this on to others who may have been told of early start. Thanks. Pam
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