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Things to consider so you can get more enjoyment from your walks.

Posted on: Mon 30th April 3:42pm
So you can enjoy walking with our walking club please give the following some consideration.
Gear and clothing.

- Strong waterproof boots

- Waterproof clothing and a walking stick (water proof Jacket)

- Woollen hat and gloves

- Adequate food and liquids

- A whistle and a rucksack for all items

On long walks people who use a stick might find it more helpful to use 2 sticks as this gives you a better balance and protects your knees.
Please avoid denim and cotton fabrics as these will wick and hold watter making your clothing heavy.

Fitness level, as level C walks are up to 4 hours you must be able to walk at a reasonable pace for one hour including shallow inclines, to achive this level of fitness you could start by walking at 3 to 4 times a week on your own for 20 to 30 minutes and pushing your self until your breathing is slightly elevated but not laboured (example - you should be still able to speak normally).

Thank you
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