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Walk Sunday November 14th 2021

Posted on: Thu 11th November 2:27pm
Why not join Henk on a mythical walk at Highwood/ Kilmactranny on the historical trail above Lough Arrow? A wonderful trail with many limestone erratics, deposited when the glaciers retreated at the end of the ice age. Many megalithic monuments were built using these and the most famous one, being the Labby Rock. This is a portal tomb on the trail with a capstone weighing around 70 tons. One of the largest in the country. About 5-6,000 years old you might even see the bones of Nuadha, High King of Tuatha De Danann buried here.

So Henk will bring you along this trail to the much more modern structure of Cromleach Lodge and here he would treat you to lunch if it was open.. It is not, but you can still have lunch here. You will have to bring your own cheese sandwich.
Grade C+ walk, we will be out for around 3 hours. With some rough terrain, boots are recommended.

Meet Crescent, Boyle 11am or the Community Centre at highwood (F52 C677) at 11:30am. Contact is Henk 087 273 3373

NB The walk itself is not a myth. Far from it

Picture Of Lough Key

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