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Walk Sunday February 26th 2023

Posted on: Sat 25th February 10:00pm
That time of the week is nearly upon us and as mentioned in the last email, the walk on Sunday will be along the Sligo Trail, starting at Union Wood and finishing in Dromahair. 20 km. {Where conveniently enough, there happens to be an ale house that I used to frequent}
Half way exactly on the route is Slish Wood, where there are picnic tables {where we will eat lunch} and a car park. The options for this walk, is to do the full whack, or leave your car at Slish wood and finish there.
Being a linear walk we will obviously have to leave sufficient cars in Dromahair to take walkers back to the start. {Unless you want to walk back again. 20+20 = 40.} This means a little more arranging than usual, so if you plan to go, please let Naomi know:
1} If you are going
2} Are you doing 20 km or 10 km.
3} How many people you are travelling with.
Then she can arrange place to meet and time.
So there you go...essential to inform Naomi. 087 674 3693.
If you can do this when you are sure you are going. Preferably before Sunday morning!
Gaiters not really necessary for this walk but, walking boots...yes. Can be muddy in spots.
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