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Possible walk on Sunday June 5th 2022

Posted on: Fri 3rd June 1:37am
The calendar has been a wee bit higgeldy piggeldy this year, due to various unforeseen circumstances. Rain, family issues etc. Anyway, there was no walk on the calendar for this coming Sunday, but hey... Naomi has kindly offered to lead a B type walk to Benwiskin from Lukes Bridge. The weather looks amazing for Sunday so it is an ideal day to walk and enjoy the amazing views from this spectacular mountain.
Meet 11am Henry's bar and restaurant where you can meet up with Naomi.
Please ring Naomi if you would like to come. She can then put people in touch with each other for car pooling where possible. Also, she doesn't want to turn up at Henry's and find there are no takers..... so if you can do this sooner, rather than later.
Naomi's number is 087 674 3693
Also, it is the weekend away in Donegal 10th to 12th June. Hope to see you then

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