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Walk Sunday July 31st 2022.

Posted on: Sat 30th July 3:06pm
Well, it's that time of year when we take a brief break from the summer sojourn, to revisit Coney Island with Eoin. Always a lovely trip, this year will be no exception and the tide is right for this Sunday coming for a leisurely walk over the strand, a walk around the island, a dip and possibly a boat ride.
Deviating a wee bit from the crossing via the markers, the route will be a bit wet in some places where you can take off your shoes.

Meet at the car park on the left going into Strandhill at 12pm. The turn is to the right.
Bring towel, togs and lunch

Please let Eoin know if you will be coming by texting him, or giving him a buzz, on 087 360 5568. This is important so that he can make arrangements for a boat if possible.


Meet at the car park on the left going into Strandhill at 12pm. It is a later start than normal as we must work with the tide. We will start by taking the first half of the Killaspugbrone loop walk, then deviate to cross Cummeen Strand.

Please note that there is an unavoidable "stream" in one place (knee deep) on the strand so it is advisable to wear shorts. We will loop Coney and walk back out. There is a chance for a swim if anyone wants. We need to be leaving at 6pm at the latest so there is lots of time this year.

I would rate it as a B walk.

We just need a bit of sunshine.

087 360 5568
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