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Sun 27th October 10:00am

Leean and Doons Area

Type: Climb

Meeting at: Crescent Boyle

David Brett
086 8841763


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Walk Wednesday 21st June.

Posted on: Mon 19th June 8:25pm
For any of ye that may scratch your heads and ponder as to whether there are two longest days in each year, I assure there is only one midsummers day and yes, it is indeed a year since our last magical midsummer walk in the Bricklieves, up to where the fairies dwell. .... Wednesday 21st June
So bring nice food to share, your friends, neighbours and work colleagues. Maybe a little tipple? Dress appropriately with boots and layers and join Philip as he tiptoes up to the megalithic tombs.

Meet at McDermotts in Castlebaldwin at 7pm and you will be brought safely back, well before midnight. All are welcome to this picnic.
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